Spiritual Services

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  • Online Spiritual Counseling

    Spiritual Counseling through online messenger [5 hours cumulative session/s] or email [5 sessions]

    $10 / Rp 100K

  • Offline Spiritual Counseling ( Jakarta Only )

    Face to Face Spiritual Counseling [5 hours max]

    $30 / Rp 300K

  • Spiritual Healing Session

    Offline Spiritual Counseling + Disease Analysis + Healing Session

    $50 / Rp 500K

  • Spiritual Healing Package

    Offline Spiritual Counseling + Disease Analysis + 3x Healing Session

    $100 / Rp 1000K

  • Spiritual Guidance [to be launched]

    A week of intense Spiritual Guidance in a serene setting

Disease Analysis

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Feeling any discomfort because of your disease?

You have carefully arranged your diet and you have diligently exercised, but still disease stick to you?

Let me analyse the root cause of your disease and suggest changes to bring health.

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Photo Profiling

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Having a headache about your relationship?

Don't know what to do with your partner?

Don't have a clue about what your partner's thinking?

Let me do it for you.

I will give you a 500-words-max relationship profile and hint one or two things about what could be done.

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Dream Interpretation

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Have a perplexing dream? Nightmare?

Don't know what to think about that bizarre dream scene?

Relax...I will interpret your dream and relate it with your life so you can just sit back, enjoy the meaning and choose accordingly what to do with it.

I will produce maximum 500 words per dream/order.

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