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Anticipation is Just...Anticipation

Anticipation propels us forward. It enables us to move through the mundane in order to reap the final reward. Will we be gifted with joy, laughter, or horror? Regardless, the feeling of anticipation remains the same; it's still the same urge of welco… more »


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Expanded Edition, Mementoes of Mai

Helmy Parlente Kusuma's alter ego follows his heart from his birthplace in Jakarta, Indonesia, to South Viet Nam and the Perfume Pagoda of Hanoi to Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province, North Korea. Join Helmy in his effort to reach the enchanting but… more »


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The Torment

What have I done to receive this crushing foul? Have I killed thousand upon thousand? Orphaned hundreds of smiling soul? Broke one heart? Two hearts? Three? Or maybe nine? My lover left me, my soul ignores me, even death forbids me to welcome her… more »
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Not The Question

Those eyes stare back at me. Curiously. In them I see firmness and a little of boredom. The English man said to be or not to be, but aren't those beads of the soul the mark of beingness? What else could be the reason for them to be so knowing if not the… more »


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Zombie (6)

[hanya untuk dewasa] Hardiman menghembuskan napas lega. Akhirnya selesai juga. Dia perlahan mematikan laptopnya dan membereskan lembaran-lembaran kertas laporan yang terserak. Hari sudah menjelang pagi. Sial! Benar-benar hidup yang membosankan dan mele… more »

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