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How to Order

To order books use menu Contact: ¬†fill subject with the book title, leave your name, email, address and quantity inside message content. Untuk memesan gunakan menu Contact: isi subyek dengan judul buku, tinggalkan nama, email, alamat dan jumlah pemesan… more »

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A New Year, A Same Old New Year's Resolution

It's another new year and it begs for a resolution. Or resolutions. Or not. I am not terribly confidence in last year's doing, but not shamefully pitying myself. It was necessary, my brain would argue. True. Yet it's also true I distracted myself too… more »


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas, everybody!!! more »


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Contoh Artikel Travel: Belanja Di Hawaii

Melihat matahari terbenam sambil menyeruput jus nanas di pantai Waikiki, Honolulu adalah pengalaman romantis tak terlupakan bersama dengan pasangan anda. Setelah matahari menghilang dan bila berselancar di bawah terang bulan bukan merupakan hobi anda,… more »


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A Last Chapter

A Last Chapter
I am at the last chapter. Phew! What a wonderful journey I have been going through! Now it is time to wrap things up and move to the next stage. Beta-reading. If you want to volunteer yourself just let me know. Until then! more »


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A Memento of 'Mementoes of Mai'

A Memento of 'Mementoes of Mai'
Based on the last year's reviews of 'Mementoes of Mai' I have been doing some major editing and revising. Some sentences which seemed okay at that time have been revisited, and now they look quite ridiculous. I am so happy to be able to recognize th… more »

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