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A New Year, A Same Old New Year's Resolution

It's another new year and it begs for a resolution. Or resolutions. Or not.

I am not terribly confident in last year's doing, but not shamefully pitying myself either. It was necessary, my brain would argue. True. Yet it's also true I distracted myself too much from last year's resolution: to finish as many title as possible.

I realized my error. Thus I am making a same old new year's resolution, but with a twist. What's the point anyway without a twist or two?

To finish as many title as possible, and at the very least, to finish the sequel to Mementoes of Mai and to start another title.

That is all.

Happy Belated New Year!

Sameness of Reality

Once again I was in a bedroom. This time it was in the attic. I presumed it was night time. I went to sleep and dreamed.

(in the second level dream)

I woke up in the same bedroom. I recognized the feelings. I was lucid! I was so happy but managed to regulate my breath remembering that last time too much excitement made me RWPR. In front of me, there were several books. I remembered my intention when going to sleep in WPR ("show and guide me to do the next thing in life") so I carefully browsed those books. The first two books had cream covers and blue artsy fonts. I told myself to remember the title and the author, but I could only read the title of the second book, "Robert Bose". Inside of those two books there were fading words, diagrams, and pictures. I could not understand any of it. I continued browsing the other books. They didn't have any covers and they had the same things inside: hazy words, diagrams, and pictures.

Two teenagers, male and female, were proclaiming beside me that they seek somebody who could understand English to play game with them. I knew that they were from my reality (first level of dream) so ignored them because I wanted to focus on the books. Over time they became insistence and since I didn't understand any of the books, I gave up and listened to them. I felt that I lost my lucidity but I was still there. The teenagers were still there.

I was a bit perplexed "how could this happened?" My dream realities were all the same and only my state of consciousness differed! At this point I became semi-lucid.

The female teenager started her rhyme, but it was in my mother's language. I was a bit confused but I played along using my mother's language. Soon things faded out. RWPR

Database, Schema, Search_Path, dan PG_Restore

Di Oracle, database adalah kategori data yang terutama dan schema hanyalah merupakan sinonim saja. Sehingga untuk melakukan pengkategorian data dapatlah dibuat database yang berbeda kemudian menggunakan database link sebagai jembatannya. Tidak demikian dengan PostgreSQL.

PostgreSQL mengenal kategori data setingkat di bawah database yaitu schema. Misalnya database company dapat memiliki schema hrd, schema finance, schema operation, dan sebagainya. Hal ini membantu dalam mempartisi data berdasarkan bagian. Walaupun cara pembagian berdasarkan Oracle tetap valid jua.

Dengan adanya schema, pengguna PostgreSQL bisa mendapatkan efek Package pada Oracle (Package digunakan untuk mengelompokkan fungsi dan prosedur, selain juga dapat dipakai sebagai global variable).


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Expanded Edition, Mementoes of Mai

Helmy Parlente Kusuma's alter ego follows his heart from his birthplace in Jakarta, Indonesia, to South Viet Nam and the Perfume Pagoda of Hanoi to Ha Long Bay in Quang Ninh Province, North Korea.

Join Helmy in his effort to reach the enchanting but previously distant love of his life, Mai, as, immersed in a lively ever-changing social ambient of short term associates he comes delightfully of age.

Log File Sebagai Table, File_FDW

Apabila Oracle mengenal external table, maka PostgreSQL mengenal yang disebut dengan foreign table. Dari artikel sebelumnya yang membahas tentang dblink, sudah diperkenalkan tentang foreign data wrapper yang merupakan penerapan dari SQL/MED, akses data eksternal. Pada artikel ini akan diperkenalkan file_fdw --fdw untuk mengakses file teks, csv, ataupun binari.

Create extension file_fdw;

Kemudian buat server yang menerapkan file_fdw ini (foreign data wrapper sudah otomatis tercipta).

Create server file_svr foreign data wrapper file_fdw;

Buat pemetaan untuk user yang akan menggunakan remote database yang baru dibuat dan beri hak untuk mengaksesnya.

Create user mapping for select123 server file_svr;

Grant usage on foreign server file_svr to select123;

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